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Listen offers you a wide market for advertising.

Listen is international in scope and outreach. Listen is read by more than fifteen thousand seekers and subscribers and can be found in retreat centers, spiritual direction formation and training programs, and theological libraries, around the world. In addition, Listen is posted online, and read by countless seekers through the Internet and social media outreach.

Listen is an inviting informative publication that is published digitally four times per year—January, April, July, and October. Each issue features articles on spiritual direction and guidance, prayer and practice, and ideas for contemplative, holy living.

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Who reads Listen?

Listen attracts a variety of readers from all over the world.

Its readers include:

  • Spiritual seekers and spiritual directees
  • Spiritual directors and guides
  • Retreat leaders
  • People involved in formation and training of spiritual directors
  • Pastoral counselors, hospice workers, health care professionals, campus ministers
  • Lay, religious, and ordained

Its institutional base includes:

  • Retreat centers and houses
  • Spiritual life centers
  • Seminaries and rabbinical colleges, colleges and universities
  • Dioceses and other ecclesiastical institutions

What might be good to advertise?

Opportunities for Ongoing Spiritual Growth:

  • Retreats and sabbaticals
  • Professional days, days of prayer and reflection
  • Formation and training programs

Books, literature and media (CD’s and DVD’s) that focus on:

  • Spiritual direction
  • Spiritual growth and related issues
  • Prayer
  • Art and poetry
  • Formation, training, mentoring and supervision
  • Relationship with the Divine
  • Various aspects of your religious tradition
  • Inspirational reading

Educational Opportunities

  • Degree and certificate programs in ministry, spirituality, and spiritual direction
  • Internships for spiritual directors and supervisors
  • Workshops on supervision, MBTI, Enneagram, focusing and bio-spirituality, dreamwork, 12-step methodologies, working with abuse and dysfunction
  • Courses on spirituality, theology, adult development, scripture, prayer, contemplation


If you have any questions about advertising in Listen, contact:
Spiritual Directors International
PO Box 3584 Bellevue, WA 98004-3584 USA
Telephone: 01-425-455-1565
Fax: 01-425-455-1566

Advertising rates

All measurements are in inches; all prices are in US dollars. Rates are per each issue. Circulation is 15,000, and available in a free PDF download on the Spiritual Directors International website.

Half Page 6.5 x 4.25 (horiz.)
Quarter Page 3.125 x 4.25 (vert.)
Business Card 3.125 x 2 (horiz.)
Global Resource
or Event Listing
6 lines USD$90.00

Mechanical requirements
PDF or TIF format is preferred.

Terms, conditions, and discounts

The advertiser understands that space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For that reason, advertising orders are binding after the closing date. Cancellations or changes in orders are not accepted after that time. Advertisers canceling after this date will be billed for space ordered.

The advertiser agrees to submit final advertising copy by the due date indicated to Spiritual Directors International. Alterations requiring additional work will be charged at current rates. When no other copy is provided by the advertiser by the due date, Spiritual Directors International may insert a previous advertisement from Listen or Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction

Every effort will be made to afford advertisers the position desired; however, under no circumstances is position guaranteed, nor is advertising accepted subject to position. Advertising must be paid for regardless of position.

Payment in full is due within thirty days of the initial invoice date. Advertising privileges will be suspended on accounts over ninety days past due.

Discount applies for insertions of ­one ad placed in more than one issue:
(No discount is available for the Global Resource or Global Event listings.)

1 ad 1 insertion no discount
1 ad 2 insertions 5% discount
1 ad 2+ insertions 7.5% discount

To receive any discount, you must state the number of insertions at the time of your initial reservation.

“Global Resource” Ad Format

36 characters for the top bold resource line
1. 40 characters for the regular unbolded lines
2. 40 characters for the regular unbolded lines
3. 40 characters for the regular unbolded lines
4. 30 characters for the e-mail address or other information
5. 30 characters for the web site or other information


New Resource for Spiritual Directors
A Spiritual Directors International Book
Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of
Spiritual Direction
by Susan S. Phillips
For faculty, students, and learners


  Reserve by Copy due
January 2018 issue 27-Nov 04-Dec
April 2018 issue 05-Mar 19-Mar
July 2018 issue 04-Jun 18-Jun
October 2018 issue 03-Sept 17-Sept

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To reserve an ad spot in Listen, please send an e-mail to:

Please include the following:

Your Name
Your Institution
Which Issue you'd like to place your advertisement in (January, April, July, October)
What size Ad you'd like (Full, Half, Quarter, Eight, Resource Ad)
Additional Comments or Questions

We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

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