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Past Educational Events

26–29 April 2018

Here's what you can expect at Seeking Connection 2018: Inspiring, globally-respected speakers ... Workshops that inspire and offer practical wisdom ... Options to make a spiritual journey, or go on a retreat, or to join an institute to learn in-depth....This conference will change your life -whether you are a spiritual director or a seeker.  Early Bird prices apply till January 15, 2018. Save $100. Members save an additional $100.  Join us!



28 November 2017

Presenter: Bruce Calvin, MDiv

Are you curious about spiritual direction? Would you like to find out how you might work with an experienced spiritual companion to help you connect with God or the Universe or the Higher Power or however you describe the deep connection we all share? Are you wondering how to take the first steps in your spiritual journey? Join us for a free teleconference.

May 22-26, 2018


Would you like to have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in one of the most spiritual places in the world? Join us at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico -- May 22-26, 2018.



September 15, 2017-- 8-10 AM (Central time)

Please join us in St Louis on September 15th to learn more about volunteering for the  2018 Seeking Connection Through Diversity conference and educational events, planned for St. Louis April 26–29, 2018....

15 August 2017

Presenter: Wendie Bernstein Lash, MS

Are you curious about spiritual direction? Would you like to find a spiritual companion to help you listen for the ways the Mystery that many name God is inviting you to become more fully alive? Are you wondering how to take the first step? Join us for a free teleconference and learn how to begin.

3 June 2017

Seattle First Baptist Church; 1:00–5:00 p.m.

Event has concluded.

Many of us feel besieged these days, and can fall back on the instinct to build barriers, seemingly for protection and safety, instead of bridges to community and understanding. We can feel prompted to act based on our fears, rather than invited to look beyond them. Spiritual Directors International is committed to engaging and wrestling with these challenging emotions through contemplative listening to discover how we can respond with greater empathy and peace.

20–28 April 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event has concluded.

Fragmentation characterizes much of our global experience. Political and religious ideologies divide. Separation from nature threatens human survival on our planet. Lack of a spiritual center leaves many living a divided existence.

30 November 2016

Supervision is an ethical imperative for spiritual directors. At its best, it is also a compassionate, contemplative practice that brings freedom to spiritual directors and, by extension, spiritual directees as well. In this webinar we will discuss supervision as a grounded, safe, compassionate relationship between peers, one designed to provide new ways forward for both spiritual directors and spiritual directees.

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