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Benefits of Membership


Who am I - in my truest self?

Why am I here?

What connects me to others and to Spirit?

What do I have to give to life?

What spiritual skills for living can help me cope with the inevitable pain, loss and difficulty that beset us all at some time? 

These are deep questions. Spiritual directors go to work every day - listening, asking questions, offering compassion - to help people find their own answers. Workable answers. Answer that are both personal and practical. That build inner strength and outer equanimity. Spiritual direction is a calling that honors everyone's right to choose their own spiritual path. Spiritual direction serves all society by helping each person find balance and compassion.

But who takes care of the spiritual directors?

We do! Spiritual Directors International exists to support, educate and connect spiritual directors all around the world. We provide a digital community where seekers and directors can find one another. This is the public square of spirituality -  where all people are welcome the way they are, carrying their own traditions (or none). Here we all benefit from being open to the practices, beliefs and rituals of others. Here we share universal human values of love, compassion and respect.

Tolerance, diversity and inclusion inform everything we do. We celebrate difference and the humanity that unites us all.  

So please, whether you are a director or someone seeking spiritual companionship, join us!

Becoming a member is easy. You can become a member online, or download and mail in our PDF form, or call us at 01-425-455-1565. Become a member now!


There are many benefits to being a member:


Listing in the new Seek & Find Guide

Basic Tier: All SDI members now get a little space to say a few words about themselves. (200 characters, about 25 words) Login to update your profile.

Enhanced Tier: Allows for a picture to be added to your profile display and more space to write about yourself. (2,000 characters, about 250 words)

Premium Tier: Allows for a picture and a video clip to be added to your profile display and even more space to write about yourself. (4,000 characters, about 500 words) Additionally, the video will be hosted on the SDI YouTube channel to maximize your reach/exposure. Videos should be around 3 to 5 minutes in length.


Join a Community of Compassionate Listeners

The mission of Spiritual Directors International is help people find spiritual companionship around the world and across traditions.

Membership with SDI means being part of an inclusive, global learning community that welcomes students, discerners, and everyone interested in the service of spiritual direction, also known as spiritual companionship, spiritual accompaniment, and spiritual guidance.

SDI offers a free, online, interactive listing of more than six-thousand available spiritual directors from around the world and across traditions. Members of SDI receive a free listing in Seek and Find: A Worldwide Resource Guide of Available Spiritual Directors, with the option to expand their listing to include more information for an annual fee of USD$25.00.

Gatherings and Events

Each year SDI sponsors annual events including a Leadership Institute for those who work in the formation and training of spiritual directors. The Leadership Institute is followed by an educational conference for those who are involved in spiritual direction.

Participation in the annual events is not limited to spiritual directors. Students, faculty, chaplains, hospice care providers, ministers who provide pastoral care, etc. are welcome at the events.

At these events, the focus is on new work in the ministry and service of spiritual direction as well as opportunities to help hone spiritual direction skills and contemplative practices.


Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction is a journal for spiritual directors, formation and training centers, and others in related fields such as pastoral counseling, ministry, and transpersonal psychology. Presence journal is published in March, June, September, and December.  

Listen: A Seeker’s Resource for Spiritual Direction is a resource for spiritual seekers. Listen is published in January, April, July, and October, and read around the world by more than 15,000 seekers, subscribers, and members of SDI.

Connections is the official SDI newsletter where members learn of recent developments and news within our inclusive, global learning community. The newsletter is published in May, August, and November.

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct is available in English and Spanish. A copy is sent to every member, and extra copies are available through the online store.

Discover newsletter is a monthly e-mail newsletter that keeps members apprised of information related to spiritual direction.

Discounted Liability Insurance

As a member of SDI, very affordable liability insurance rates are available, if you qualify*. To contact the American Professional Agency, Inc. for an application form, call 1-800-421-6694 and ask for the Mental Health Programs Team. If you are a spiritual direction student or intern studying in seminary, rabbinical college, or in a spiritual direction enrichment, formation and training program, your membership in Spiritual Directors International affords you special discounted student rates through American Professional Agency, if you qualify. Ask for a student insurance application form. Students receive special discounted rates.

If you are not a student, but are a member of Spiritual Directors International and interested in liability insurance, contact the APA and ask for the regular application form. When you fill out the application, fill in "Spiritual Directors International" in the "Organization" field and identify yourself as a member. Throughout the application form, cross out the mental health titles and insert, "spiritual director." Upon qualifying for liability insurance, you may request a certificate of insurance specifically for spiritual direction.

Your active membership in Spiritual Directors International does not guarantee you insurance; you need to have your application accepted after completing the American Professional Agency, Inc. questionnaire.

*Spiritual Directors International does not underwrite insurance nor does SDI have an opinion as to whether liability insurance is needed or appropriate for individual members. As an educational not-for-profit that supports the global ministry and service of spiritual direction, SDI provides information about liability insurance for those who request it. Each spiritual director needs to determine with the guidance of his or her own legal and insurance advisors whether liability insurance is advisable.

Tax Deductible

Spiritual Directors International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. The federal nonprofit identification number is 943156697. The tax deductible portion of your membership dues and donations is the amount in excess of the fair market value of goods or services received by you. If you have any questions regarding your tax deduction, please consult your personal tax advisor.

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